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For me, design is not just a job – it permeates every aspect of my life. I’m constantly inspecting and contemplating the products and details around me. It’s incredible to me just how much the things we surround ourselves with can affect us, and I hope to create products that influence for good. I’m passionate about creating products that can last for decades to come, both functionally and aesthetically. I strive to develop empathy for those around me – understanding peoples’ needs and wants leads to innovation.

I thoroughly enjoy the cyclical process of honing a design to its best. When designing a product, I find importance in exploring many avenues early on: researching, prototyping, and not getting tied down to a single concept too early in the design process. Once the product has been refined and confidence is earned, I’m not afraid to stick to my guns to protect both user experience and design intent.

I take pride in being able to work closely with engineering through the entire process to make products that blend function and beauty seamlessly. My knowledge of engineering and machining processes helps me understand constraints and problems that can be avoided down the road. A “beautiful” concept render is often worthless if it’s not practical.

My process is very hands-on, and while I make great use of sketching, it’s brainstorming and making that really gets me solving problems. I also have a special affinity for refining the details of a product, and I truly love working on CMF (Color, Material, Finish) and other small details.

I find inspiration and balance from being active. Surfing, mountain biking, wrenching on cars, and camping with my little family are my go-to activities. These experiences blend into my work and inform my daily decisions.




  • BFA Industrial Design – Brigham Young University

  • Minor Visual Arts – Brigham Young University



  • IDEA 2018 Silver, Industrial Designers Society of America – Boosted Backpack, Lifestyle

  • TIME Magazine “Best Inventions of 2018” – Boosted Mini

  • Behance – Several products featured

  • Salt Lake City Design Week gallery showing – Carter Helmet

  • Annual Student Show, BYU Dept. of Visual Arts – 4th Place



  • Solidworks (surface and solid modeling)

  • Rendering (Keyshot)

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Design thinking

  • UI / UX integration

  • Designing for manufacturing

  • Hands-on prototyping

  • Photography


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